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Sal and Gabi Break The Universe

Sal And Gabi Break The Universe, by Carlos Hernandez Phew, baby! The characterization in this book! Listen, generally speaking when I’m excited about a book I’m excited about the whole dang thing, but wind up yelling about one particular aspect of it because that’s...

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Get A Life, Chloe Brown

Get A Life, Chloe Brown, by Talia Hibbert I was already a devoted Talia Hibbert fan – I absolutely LOVE her Ravenswood series – but GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN is Talia on a whole new level, and I adored it. This is a slightly longer version of the stuff I yelled on...

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Jeremiah, by Jayce Ellis You know a book is good when you finish it and then you keep thinking about it for days afterwards. It doesn’t happen to me too often (the last time it did was a Stargate fanfic, honestly!), but it happened with this one. This post is mostly a...

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